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“Enlingua Academy’s personality development class is very much useful to me.The atmosphere of this class is very different and very nice which I impressed more. I learn many things day by day .My Trainer was very kind and sweet and clear all my doubts. The fee cost is also very affordable. I improved alot. Now I am far better in English communication than before. I am speaking very boldly and confidently. ”
Aadhavan Sridhar
“Spoken English class is informative and fun. It helped me with writing parts and speaking English fluently and confidently. I was speaking in wrong grammar, now I learnt most grammar. The train was so good and everyone corrected my mistakes. I learnt many new words, idioms and phrases. I learnt how to get socialize more. In summary now I can understand native speakers and reply them. ”
Jaiku (Jai)
“I was searching for a good Spoken English institutions. Google suggested me The Enlingua Academy. So After Joining there, teacher taught me all the basics of English. After this my teacher gave me a topic which I have to Speak in English for a certain period of time. So this is my routine. Teachers there are friendly. They give us time to speak, even if we struck to complete the conversation. I like the Academy very much ”
Praveen K
“I was not knowing anything about English speaking while joining Enlingua Academy, with my trainer's guidance I learnt many vocabulary and sentence formation. Now I can understand and reading anything in English and also I can speak confidentially in public forum. ”
Praveen K
“My name is Shivaneshvar. I have joined in Spoken English class in Enlingua academy. My spoken English class is very much useful to me. I learn many things day by day. My trainee was also very kind, sweet and clear my doubts. I find a solution for my spelling mistakes problem also. The fee cost is also very affordable. I improved a lot. Now my English is far better than before. I am speaking very boldly and nicely. ”
jiivaneshvar.s 5th D
“I joined this institution for spoken English class. After completing the course, I attained more of confidence and I am capable of communicating with people in an effective manner. The teachers are very patient and friendly. They clear our doubts and explain each and every point in a more understandable manner. The journey of learning is more enjoyable and acknowledged with more of wisdom. ”
Jaenani Malarselvi
“I have been attending the class nearly about two months.I suggest daily classes other than.All the other methods of taking classes are very good.All the trainers are friendly.who is taking the classes also good .Then I improved a lot by taking those classes ”
“I am attending ielts lessons for 60 minutes twice a week. I want to improve my pronunciation and fluency,so I am learning the pronunciation and practicing the conversation. I always have a lot of fun and can have plenty of time to speak in the lesson.The tutor is very friendly and she explains the difficult sentences and words in simple English.It is very important for me. I improved my vocabulary. ”
anu chinni
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